A little piece of our story.

We have four beautiful kids (3 boys and 1 girl) who I have the get to spend my days with as I homeschool each of them. These guys are my world and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for them every single day. When I'm not doing the full-time mom thing, I use all those spare minutes (because there are so many, right??), working for Nerium, an anti-aging company which ***put a really brief description of Nerium here if you'd like...might as well pitch it in there too bc its an important part of your life..I just don't know enough about it to say anything here***

We live on a little more than an acre and half of land in the countryside of the Texas panhandle, which is just enough space for our kids and canine friends to run and play. Our family loves spending time outdoors and we are so excited to have our dogs involved in as much of our activities as possible.

Why did we choose to get a mini Australian shepherd?

Because, we are absolutely charmed by the breed and we knew this dog would be a great match for our family. We wanted a pet who would be energized, adventurous and loving. We wanted a dog who would be a friend to our kids and a comfort and sweet presence in our home.

Why did we choose to breed mini Australian shepherds?

Because, why not bring more goodness and beauty into this world? We are so happy to be what are considered very small hobby breeders. But, the puppies and the dogs we raise are valued as more than a simple hobby. They are pets. They are loved. They are a part of our family. We had looked into breeding in the past, but never felt that the timing was right for our family, until now.

Now, we want to help provide other families with the same happiness that we have experienced in sharing life with an Aussie. So, let's add some more goodness to your life, yeah?